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December 2014

Bronson the dog
salsa dancing poodle

This Dog Can Dance

This brown poodle has caused an internet storm when somebody posted this video along with some music.

Meet Britain's Most Unwanted Dog  named Biscuit

Meet Britain’s Most Unwanted Dog

Named Biscuit, this 2 year old dog has been passed over for adoption 5000 times! Taken in at the Battersea Dogs and Cats shelter in Berkshire, England as a pup 2 years ago, he is now the longest residing rescue center.

Staff can’t believe that nobody would want the fun loving dog and are desperately searching a home for him by Christmas as they would love to see him start the new year in a proper home with a family.

Kaye Mughal, the Battersea Old Windsor’s Centre Manager, said; “It’s unbelievable Biscuit still hasn’t found a home when he’s such a beautiful and fun-loving dog who would fit in perfectly with a family.”

“Every day we hope someone will call us wanting to meet him, but poor Biscuit is constantly rejected and hasn’t had any interest.”

“We really thought he’d find a home before Christmas and can’t believe it’s almost his second one with us.”

Ceiri O’Douglas from the center added, “He was found as a puppy in Hillingdon, West London.”

“He was probably an unwanted puppy from a litter and someone just dumped him.”

“He’s an exuberant and lovely dog but has struggled in kennels. He needs someone who’s up for taking on a lovely dog with a great personality.”

Biscuit is best suited for a home with experienced owners, who live away from the inner city and don’t have any other pets.

“He needs regular walks and a private garden where he can play fetch. Biscuit is fun and loving and has so much to give.”

“Biscuit is currently in a foster home, if you would like any further information on him please contact Battersea Old Windsor on 01784 494443.”




Thai Ridgeback dog

Thai Ridgeback




Hector on his new legs

Frozen Dog Gets New Legs

Hector, the northern Saskatchewan puppy from La Loche, who made headlines after losing its hind legs when they were frozen in the ice, is now fully grown and equipped with prosthetics, thanks to a fundraising campaign.

Regina’s Lakewood Animal Hospital posted a video on Facebook showing Hector’s progress from the time he was rescued until now.

It was back in January 2013 when the pup was found frozen to the ground and ended up losing its hind legs and tail.

The pup was adopted by Lisa Korol and her family. She said they later learned that puppy was born to a stray dog who gave birth in –40 C weather.

Sometime after the Korol family contacted the animal hospital about getting some help for Hector.

The first artificial legs the hospital received had problems with the fit, so a company was enlisted to come up with a new design.

This time, the artificial legs worked and Korol said, “He’s like any other dog now, he runs, plays.”

The legs for Hector did take some time and money, so a fundraiser was held to raise money as well some local businesses also donated. The new legs were made by OrthoPets Canada in British Columbia at a of cost $3,800.

Lakewood Animal Hospital posted this message, ‘Thanks to a successful fundraising campaign, Hector now has what the Lakewood Animal Hospital calls “his forever legs.’

Hector is now touring the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre in Regina, where Korol said, “He makes people smile, he makes people happy, if you’re having a bad day, come see Hector.”
Two rescued dogs

Heroic dog stays with injured companion

Shot 38 times with a pellet gun and left for dead in a ditch, this 4-year-old Setter mix miraculously survived because of a loyal friend, who stay by his side for 3 days until help arrived.

The hero dog is a two-year-old pointer mix, now named Juliet, who found the dying dog in the ditch with his head barely above the water level. Juliet barked at passerby’s until one took notice and came to the rescue.

X-ray of four-year-old dog Romeo

Both dogs were taken to the near by vets on the Greek Island of Zakynthos, where they were named Romeo and Juliet. Remarkably, Romeo somehow managed to pulled through and they were taken care of by rescuers at Zante Stray.

When there story was posted on Facebook, funds were collected and to the dogs flown to Holbrook Animal Rescue in Horsham, England.

It was thought that they would only be taking Romeo, but Juliet had become so strongly attached with Romeo there was no way she would be left behind.

“We all thought they would probably start to play with the other dogs and make new friends but the more I look at them I don’t think they will ever be apart,” said Laura Santini of Holbrook Animal Rescue.

“They are as lovely as they were described to us and there was no exaggeration as to how close they are.”

Laura believes the two dogs were friends before the incident. Saying said it is rare for two dogs who don’t know each other to be so bonded like this.

Adding, “It is one of the cutest stories I have ever been involved in and I am glad it has worked out happy in the end and we have got them here safely.”

The loving pair are looking for a new family. If anyone is interested they can contact Holbrook Animal Rescue.
Mexican dog with dead companion

Dog Loses Best Friend

This heartbreaking story takes place in Mexico City, filmed by taxi driver Serrano Madera, 42.

Serrano watched the whole scene saying that the two dogs ran across the street with the second one being hit by a car.

Saying “I saw a dog run in front of the car coming the other way closely followed by second dog, and it was the second dog that was struck by the car.”

“The driver didn’t stop, he just carried on, but I did stop because the first dog ran back in front of me and started nudging the dead one in the street.”

“I didn’t drive off straight-away because I was not sure if the dog was going to run in front of me again, and then was fascinated by the dog trying to wake up it’s clearly dead companion.”

The video shot on Madera’s phone shows the brown dog nudging and pawing his dead companion before giving up and laying down beside him.

Madera added that before driving off he moved the dead dog to the side of the road and that there was nothing that could be done as the dog was dead.





December 2014

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