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Dog HairCut You Can Do!!!


Poodle Feet Set Up, Dog grooming equipment and Clipper Blades

Poodle feet can be trimmed or left with the hair on, the choice is a personal one.   There has been and probably always will be a lot of discussion over this process.  To clip or not to clip, I say the choice is yours to make.

Out of your dog grooming equipment take your dog grooming clippers, your #30 and #10 clipper blades.  Start with your #30 blade and remove the hair from underneath the foot and from between the large pads of the foot.

The rest of the foot is done with a #10 clipper blade.  I know that show people clip poodle feet with a closer blade.  If you choose to do this, be aware you also run the risk of taking off skin and or clipper burning their feet.  Unless you are well practiced in this process I do not recommend it.  Stick with the #10 clipper blade.

You will clip off the hair from the base of the toe nails to the ankle.  Go in between the toes and over the top of the foot to the bend of the foot.









Warning:  Poodle were bred as swimmers and have webbed toes so use extra care when you’re going after the hair between the toes.  This is an easy area to cut.

Your dog grooming clippers will stop when you come to the bend in the foot.  You can also use the bottom of the ankle as your stopping point.  If you hold the leg in your hand wrapping your thumb and your index finger around the ankle your dog grooming clippers will stop in the appropriate place for you.

Remember you are clipping the complete foot so don’t forget to clip up the heel of your dog’s foot, again to the ankle and stop.

You are going to do this on all four feet so using the ankle as a guide you will get the same height on all feet.  It would look silly to have the hair on one leg start an inch higher than the rest.

It’s always best to leave the line a little low rather than making your dog look like he’s wearing high water pants.  Plus you’ll be able to make adjustments for any mistakes that may happen.

A Poodle Tail Dog Grooming Procedure

You’ve done your poodle  set up plus you have brushed, bathed, dried and brushed the coat out again.  Now you have the coat to where you can take a fine toothed comb thru it.

You will want to have your greyhound comb and your dog grooming scissors (curved and straight) at hand.  A minimum of dog grooming equipment is needed for this process.

Comb thru the tail bringing the hair out from the end of the tail.  Wrap your hand around the tail and slide out to end of the hair holding on to it at the very end.  Twist and then cut the hair at the length needed to make your pompom.

You will need to look at the tail to make a decision where you will cut.  Think of the size of the pompom you want and visualize it top to bottom.  That is the amount of hair you will want to have left.  You will need some hair to work with.


With the tail pointing up comb the tail hair downward and scissor up the bottom half of the tail into the same shape as the bottom of a Christmas tree.  At this point you may already have a perfectly round pompom.  If you don’t it shouldn’t take much more to make it that way.

So comb the tail hair out to the sides of the tail parting it in the middle.  Do this on the top and bottom or underside of the tail.  If it shows more of a diamond shape rather than a round shape then you will want to round out the points of the diamond on either side of the tail.


Comb out the tail and trim off any odd hairs and you should have your poodle pompom is done and the tail is looking good.

Safely Trim Dog Tails in Your Dog Grooming Adventure



To trim dog tails is a simple task.   It won’t take you but a minute or two to do this and it’s one of the finishing touches to your dog grooming adventure.

With your dog bathed and brushed and in the trim you want, you won’t be needing much in the way of dog grooming equipment.  You will want your dog brush, greyhound comb and dog grooming scissors.

Using the following processes will give you a nice flagged tail.  Also when trimming dog tails if you bring the hair up short enough you won’t have the tail hair dragging on the floor and collecting dirt.

Be sure your dog’s tail is thoroughly brushed out and there are no mats or snarls.  Tails tend to snarl and mat on the underside up close to the tail.  So use your comb and make sure there are no problems there.

After you make that cut, brush thru the hair again, pull the tail out to the rear of the dog, then clean up and shape the remaining hair.  See the dog pictures posted above.



This is a simple way to achieve great looking dog tail in just a couple of steps.  Your dog looks good and you are happy too.


Making a Poodle Topknot Takes a Minimum of Dog Grooming Equipment

To make a poodle topknot you will want to have done your poodle face set up and have a clean dry poodle on your dog grooming table with the hair blown out straight.

Poodles have a naturally curly coat and some people prefer their poodle curly.  Curly or straight the procedure for making a topknot stays the same.

This dog grooming process takes a minimum of dog grooming equipment.  You greyhound comb, curved dog grooming scissors and straight dog grooming scissors.

With your dog in a sitting position fold your dog’s ear back exposing the ear canal.

Scissor any coat that hangs down below the line that you clipped in your set up.  Do this on both sides of the head.

Put the ear down and continue the line at the top of the ear set.

Comb the hair to the back of the dog’s head and blend the blend the topknot into the neck.

Then scissor from the outside edge in to the center of the topknot, at whatever height is appropriate to form your topknot.

Comb your dogs hair out to the side of the head parting it in the middle.  Scissor up the sides from the eyes to the ear canal.

Then scissor down the back side of the ear following the same line

Brush the topknot forward, lay your dog grooming scissors across the nose slanted away from the dog and scissor away any extra hair.

Take your greyhound comb and comb up the topknot and with your dog grooming scissors take off any extra hair for the final shaping of the topknot.

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Clipping Poodle Faces Use A #10 Clipper Blade

Clipping poodle face, a part of doing a poodle set up, you’ll want to know the perimeters of the area you’re clipping.



Using your dog grooming clippers and a #10 clipper blade you will be clipping against the lay of the coat.

When you’ve mastered your clipping technique you may want to use a clipper blade with a closer cut.  By then you’ll know what works and looks best on your poodle’s face.  My own poodle I used a closer cutting blade which showed off his muzzle features

Dog grooming can be exact as well as creative.

With your dog in a sitting position, fold back the ear flap and clip away the hair on the ear button just at the opening of the ear canal.our line will go from the ear button to the outside corner of the eye.  Then from the ear button to about one inch below the adams apple, forming a V shape on the neck.  It may take you a little practice forming the V shape but in short order you will have no trouble with it.

Evenly trim the hair off the face, nose and neck, within those lines and you’ve done your traditional poodle face.

On the top of the nose you can clip from between the inside corners of the eyes down the top of the nose or you can create an inverted V shape between the eyes.

Take care when clipping around the eyes.

You will notice that the line from the ear button to the eye, on the poodle in the dog grooming picture is higher than normal.  Her mom prefers it that way and it fits with her short topknot.

Your poodle face is done and you can go on to the next process in your dog haircut process.


A Teddy Bear Trim with Dog Grooming Pictures and Dog Grooming Equipment Needed

The teddy bear trim.


The poodle in dog grooming pictures, appropriately named Teddy, is 17 years old.  The hair on his back is very sparse, but the teddy bear clip still looks good on him.

In the before dog grooming pictures Teddy is shaggy but not matted.  If Teddy had mats in him he is to old to be dematted.  In that case his coat should be clipped off using a blade that will go under the mats.  This will still give him a clean trim look.

Go ahead and do all your  dog grooming setup  including bathing and drying.

For dog grooming equipment you’ll want your straight and curved dog grooming scissors, a medium toothed comb (preferably a greyhound comb) and a good dog grooming brush.

With your dog facing away from you start scissoring at the top of the back,  shaping the body and blending down into the rear legs.





Turn the dog facing you, bring his head down and scissor the hair on the neck and the shoulders blending into the front legs and around to the chest,

Scissor the front and rear legs and trim up the feet.  

Trim your dog’s tail

With your dog facing you shape his head into a  teddy bear head and you’re teddy bear clip is done.

If you find you’re needing an extra piece of dog grooming equipment then please feel free to check with our advertisers.  Once you’re in their store you will probably find what you need. 

Turn the dog facing you, bring his head down and scissor the hair on the neck and the shoulders blending into the front legs and around to the chest,

A Teddy Bear Head Looks Good and Take Just a Few Dog Grooming Tools

A teddy bear head can go on many small dogs.  A  Shitzu is a good example of where a head like this works.   It also pairs well with a puppy cut.  You don’t need a lot of dog grooming equipment to accomplish this round shaped head.


A pair of dog grooming scissors and a pair of thinning shears is all the dog grooming tools needed.  Whoops!  I stand corrected.  You also need the appropriate dog brush and a good comb.  Still not much in the way of tools.

You have your dog prepped, all brushed out and ready to go.

Brush the hair on the top of the head forward, lay your thinning shears across the top of the nose and scissor off the hair the same as in dog picture 1.

Raise the head up, nose pointing to the sky.  Fold the ear back and then comb the hair towards the ear canal.  Take your scissors and cut down just in front of the ear canal removing the hair that hangs past that point.  Do this on both sides of your dog’s head.  See picture 2.

Tilt the head down with the nose pointing to the ground and cut off the hair that hangs down in front of the nose as in picture 3

Take your scissors and cut the hair under the chin.  Do this with your dog grooming scissors pointing away from your dog in the same direction that his nose is pointing like in dog picture 4.




With your dog in a sitting position shape in the top of the head and blend it into the back of the neck using your thinning shears or scissors.   See pictures 5 and 6
If you find some odd hairs now would be the time  to take them off and do any needed shaping with either your thinners or regular scissors.  You got it dog picture 6.

Grooming a Pomeranian Takes a Minimum of Dog Grooming Equipment

Grooming a Pomeranian does not have to be lot of work.  Daily brushing of your Pomeranian is a must if you’re keeping him in full coat.


The dog grooming equipment needed is minimal.  Your dog grooming clippers, with a #30 and a #10 clipper blade, straight and thinning dog grooming scissors, ear cleaning equipment, dog brush and comb.  You will need extra dog grooming equipment if you are going to put your dog into a dog grooming trim.

First do your dog grooming set up. This includes trimming the nails, cleaning the ears, doing your sanitary trim and clipping the hair growing under the feet.

Thoroughly brush out the coat of your dog.  Remember when you are brushing out your Pomeranian that you don’t want to be pulling out the undercoat.  So brush gently since the undercoat is what makes the hair stand out from the body.

Now Bath your dog in a quality dog shampoo.  A tearless dog shampoo that’s also hypo-allergenic is always a good choice.   Rinse well after shampooing.  Be sure you get all the soap out of your dogs coat.  This is important.  If you don’t rinse well your dog will be itchy and can get hot spots.  These are sores that will make your dog itch and possibly loose hair in those places.  So if this sounds repetitious it’s because these things are important and I want to help you avoid problems.  I want to make grooming a Pomeranian easy.

Now blow dry your dog’s coat.  While drying the coat you can brush the hair opposite of the way it grows to get a fuller look.

Finish up by trimming up your dog’s feet.  Remove the hair from between the toes and any fuzzy hair on top of the toes.  The feet should have a nice tight cat like appearance.  This can be achieved by using your thinning scissors.

You may want to put your Pomeranian into a trim.  Still use the process above and do the trim last.  Your setup for the bath and the bathing process always remains the same.  Only the trim if you decide to do one will change

In the photo above you can put your Pomeranian in a puppy clip with a little scissoring on the tail will leave him looking like a little fox, where a lion trim will leave him looking like a little lion.

 A Hand Scissored Lamb Trim can be a Creative Dog Grooming Trim

A scissored lamb trim makes a nice looking dog grooming trim and gives you the option to be a little more creative in your dog grooming with the length and the shaping of the coat.


Your dog grooming equipment will be your  dog grooming scissors and your greyhound comb

You’ve clipped the coat on the body with the clipper blade of your choice.

Comb up and out the remaining coat on the dogs legs and chest.

With your dog standing and facing you and the hair combed out from the body of your dog, blend the body into the shoulder coming around and blending in the chest, trimming to the desired length.

Scissor approximately 1/3 of the way down the leg.

Bring the dog’s leg out to the front of the dog.  Part the coat in the middle of the leg combing it out to the sides.  Do this on the top as well as the underside of the leg.

Scissor the leg hair into the line left from your scissoring down the leg.


Turn your dog around and again comb the coat out from the legs and hips.  Take your dog grooming curved scissors and blend in the coat from the body to the hip.

With your straight scissors, scissor about halfway down the leg.

Bring the rear leg out to the rear of your dog.  Again part the coat in the middle of the leg and scissor into the area you’ve already done.

Trim up the tail, be it  poodle pompor  or a  flagged tail.Make the head of your choice, poodle, teddy bear or maybe terrier head.  Be creative.

Trim up the feet and you’re finished.

Create a Lamb Trim for Your Dog’s Dog Grooming

A lamb trim is good all purpose dog haircut.  It can be put on many different long haired breeds.  Poodles, terriers, toy breeds, as well as larger breeds.

The dog grooming equipment you’ll need for this trim are: your dog grooming clippers, clipper blades, brush, greyhound comb, curved and straight dog grooming scissors.

After your dog is prepped and you’re ready to begin use any blade you think will leave a length that looks good and makes you happy.  I used a #7 full cut clipper blade for the trim on this dog.

Start at the base of the skull, clip the neck to the shoulders.


Clip down the front of your dog’s neck and blend off at the chest.

Clip the back and body blending off at the shoulders and the hips.

When clipping the sides of your dog continue around to the underside of your dog.  Now is the time to take care of that area.

When you’re done with the body you have a  choice of finishing the job with your dog grooming clippers or you can hand  scissor the trip.To finish up your trim with dog grooming clippers.  Put a #30 clipper blade on your clippers and attach the clipper blade comb that will leave the length you prefer.  Then trim the extra hair off the legs and chest.

Continue brushing up the coat and clipping until no more hair falls.

Until you are proficient in blending off with your dog grooming clippers you will want to blend the body into the legs using your dog grooming scissors. Create your  head of choice.Trim the tail if needed.

Scissor in the legs and around the feet and your done.

Needing a piece of dog grooming equipment or supplies check with our advertiser or use our search button to find what you’re needing.

Puppy Cut Dog Haircut, Easy and Good Looking

The puppy cut is a simple trim that’s easy to maintain.  A good dog haircut seen on many dogs in dog grooming.

The dog grooming tools are fairly simple.  Besides the brush and comb, you will want your dog grooming clippers and a number 30 clipper blade with one of your clipper blade combs attached.  Or if your up for it you can hand scissor this cut.

A puppy trim is the same length all over. You can make it shorter or longer.  I usually leave it at around ½ inch long.  If you are using a blade comb than you can use anyone of them from a #2 up.

Brush the hair on your dog up.  Doing that first will give you a more efficient and even cut.

Start at the base of the skull and work the from the top down, front to back, taking off the hair from below the ears and where the chin and neck meet, following the lay of the coat.  Keep brushing the hair up and going over the coat with your clippers until no more hair comes off.

When I scissor this trim I start at the rear, do the body, then the rear legs, turn the dog around and scissor up the neck, the front and then the front legs, leaving the head for last.

Trim up the tail and trim around the paws.  Now you’re ready to tackle the head.

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Dog HairCut You Can Do!!!

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