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January 2015

german shepard
14 Doberman pups

Dobberman gives birth to MASSIVE litter

Zara Hayes paid $500 for this 2 year old Doberman who was thought to be pregnant, little did she know what was coming.

Zara runs the dog rescue center Yappy Ever After, placed the pregnant dog with foster parent Cat Davis, 33, in Cardiff, Wales.

After being examined by a vet she was expecting to see five or six puppies born, so you can imagine her surprise when 14 pups appeared!

The 14 puppies were all born coincidently on December 14th, and have now taken over their foster parents home and are eating about 11lbs of dog food a day.

Cat, who will keep new mum Keela, said: “They’ve taken over my house and my life. There isn’t much space not taken up by dogs.”

Adding, “But it’s all worth it to make sure they are safe. We have been lucky because people are donating food because they’re going through a bag a day.”

And the puppies have all been found homes with the new owner paying a £250 adoption fee, Cat telling us, “One is going to Germany while the others are off to families across Britain.”

And their new owners have already picked out names for the pups; Odin, Boudicca, Dylan, Kaiser, Stan, Shadow, Oscar, Boo, Kayla, Wilson, Patience, Blake, and two are named Zeus.

Zara, of Arnold, Nottingham, watched the birth live on a video link and said, “It was touch and go with the last one but they are all fighting fit now.”

The previous British record for a Doberman litter was 13 in 2013.



dog and seal on beach

Seal make friends with dog

This lonely seal decided that this Golden Lab would make the perfect friend and it was all caught on camera.

On an unidentified beach the seal is seen being patted by people then it heads over to the dog and begins nuzzling him.

Lying in the sand, the pair share the embrace for a few seconds before the marine mammal rests its head on the dog’s back and closes its eyes.

The relaxed dog takes it all in his stride and seems to enjoy the attention of his new friend.




Yorkshire Terrier Shih Tzu pup

Pup found abandoned in car park

This adorable pup was found left in a car park in Cornwall, England and turn in to the RSPCA.

This Yorkshire Terrier Shih Tzu weighs just 200 grams, and had hand fed every three hours in order to survive. The dog has been named Issey and is currently making a full recovery.

The memeber of the RSPCA said that she wouldn’t have survived a night outside, so if the member of the public hadn’t have found her, she would be dead.

Last year in England 29,770 pet were abandoned, this is a 33% increase since 2009. They said, “Holidays like Christmas can lead to an increase in abandonments as some people choose to get rid of their pets rather than pay for them to be looked after while they are on holiday.”

“Money may be spent on holidays and Christmas presents rather than seeking vet attention for ill or newborn animals, so they are dumped.”

The animal charity has launched a winter campaign to raise awareness and money, so fewer kittens are found in shopping carts, and fewer puppies are found tied to trees in deserted areas, left to die. And so if they do find lost or abandoned animals, they have the resources to help them.

You can help by clicking here; RSPCA




Augusto the Brazilian Dog Whisperer

Meet Augusto the Brazilian Dog Whisperer

Augusto de Oliveira the owner of Griffin Shepherd Kennels in Hyannis, Massachusetts and of coarse special in German Shepherd dogs.

Growing up on a farm in Brazil, Augusto acquired a knack for handling dogs. He personally owns six German Shepherds – Griffin, Harmony, Jenna, Priscilla, Hannah and Savannah and is frequently seen walking them with out a leash.

He said, “A lot of people like to compare me Cesar Milan, the dog whisperer from TV but I’m not. I have my own techniques.”

“My dogs do this because they know me as part of the pack. I spend a lot of time with them. I feed them, they can sleep in my room, I exercise them. I do everything with them.”

He lives at the training kennel and trains all breeds of dogs at his company, but specializes in German Shepherds.

He said: ‘We train all breed of dogs and a lot of people send them to us as puppies for training before they begin lives with their new owners.”

“Some people want to get a dog that’s already fully trained so the puppies live here until they’re older.”

“Often it’s people who are afraid that they’re going to fail if they get a puppy and they can’t train the dog properly themselves.”

“Or maybe they live in a small apartment and need their dog to have obedience training before their new family member moves in.”

“Sometimes it’s just people who want to enjoy a dog that is already trained.”

Augusto also claims to be able to guide up to 15 free-walking dogs at the same time, saying, “I start with the dogs on a lead so that they can get used to walking and gradually remove the leads one-by-one.”

“The dogs all know they must remain in the same position and not change the formation.”

“A lot of people are shocked; they can’t believe that so many dogs can walk through the city in a group, off the leash.”
Xiaoniu the dog

This dog thinks she’s a person

Named Xiaoniu, this Chinese dog is owned by Mr. Fang who found the dog abandoned on the streets of Shanghai.

The 62 year old owner managed to train Xiaoniu to stand for up to 1 hour at a time and accompanies her owner to the market everyday.

The colorful clothes add to the effect and the pictures have become an internet hit.

Watch the video below:





January 2015

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