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Meet Rupert the Whippet

Big and Little dog

 Rupert the Whippet

Meet Rupert the Whippet

This dog loves to dress for any occasion, be it house hold chores or a game of tennis. Rupert’s owner Janet Burton, 56, notice early that her dog loved to pose for a picture.

The now 2.5 year old whippet is seen in many different pictures and poses with Janet saying, “The photos started by accident”.

“It had been a few years since we had a puppy. I didn’t put him straight in with the other whippets so I had a cardboard box at the side of my bed so I could comfort him during the night.”

“Rupert had a habit of jumping up and putting his feet up to look at what I was doing. ‘I just say ‘hop’ and he puts his feet up again. His facial expression looks like he is concentrating on the job, like he knows what he is doing.”

“I had only took pictures of pets because my children had grown up. Rupert replaces the human in the pictures. He doesn’t mind wearing the outfits because whippets wear little jackets in the winter. The magic comes from his expressions.”

You can see more pictures here; Dailymail




Meet Rupert the Whippet

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