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November 2014

best in show national-dog-show-2014

National Dog Show 2014 in Philly

The Kennel Club of Philadelphia’s 13th annual event took place on Saturday, Nov. 15, through Sunday, Nov. 16, and aired right after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

John O’Hurley, from “Seinfeld,” returned as host the National Dog Show for the 12th straight year, with David Frei, an American Kennel Club-licensed judge, as a co-host and analyst.

O’Hurley said, “Twelve years of doing this holiday special has given my family a wealth of knowledge about God’s great creatures and I am not shy about letting everyone know that the National Dog Show is my favorite day of the year.”

“And when I see a dog on any street in America, it will always give me a little wink of recognition. It has become a treasured Thanksgiving Day tradition, nearly as old as my hair.”

Over 2,000 dogs from more than 190 breeds will compete this year, with the winners of the Best in Breed advancing to compete for the honor of First in Group. First in Group honors in seven catagories; Hound, Herding, Non-Sporting, Sporting, Toy, Terrier and Working Groups will then compete for the top honnor of Best in Show.

The Best in Show winner will receives $20,000 in prize money. Last year an American Foxhound named Jewel took home Best in Show prize.

Two new breeds have been added this year, the Wirehaired Vizsla, in the Sporting Group, and the Coton de Tulear, in the Non-Sporting Group. The event is open to all American Kennel Club-approved dog plus this event is one of the few remaining shows that all contestants can be viewed in person by the public.



Arthur and Mikael Lindnord

Stray Dog Goes On Adventure Race

This stray dog now known as Arthur, came across upon Team Peak Performance, a Swedish team that is competing in the Adventure Racing World Championship in Ecuador.

Mikael Lindnord, spotted the scraggly dog near their table, so he to pity and fed the dog a meatball. Well now that little meatball was all it took for Arthur to attach himself to Mikael and his team mates.

What the poor dog didn’t know was they were part way through a 430 mile ling endurance race in some of the harshest environments possible.

Arthur was undeterred by the teams attempts to get rid of him and continued on with his new found friends through knee deep mud, rivers, and lakes.

At one point seeing that he was going to drown, Lindord broke down and pulled Arthur into his kayak, later feeding the dog two cans of food.

The event organizer cautioned Mikael that the dog was a risk to himself as well as his teammates, not to mention the danger that Arthur was putting himself in.

The unlikely partnership was formed and spectators soon learned of the story and gave standing ovations and cheers as the team passed by.

After 6 day the race was completed and the dog taking to the local vet to be checked out while Mikeal
worked on the application to adopt Arthur and bring him home to Sweden.

Mikeal used his facebook page to update everybody on his progress as he awaited news of the necessary papers to relocate the dog to Sweden, posting, ‘The team is overwhelmed and happy knowing that Jordbruksverket has approved Mikaels application to bring Arthur to Sweden. A big important piece in the work to get Arthur on the plane, is done. So far so good. But, there is still one paper to go. The team is now working hard for the very last piece in this puzzle.’

Ending with; ‘I came to Ecuador to win the World Championship. Instead, I got a new friend.’

Mikael and Arthur are now living happily in Sweden!


Great Dane has 19 puppies

Great Dane gives birth to 19 Puppies

A Great Dane living in Pennsylvania has giving birth to 19 puppies.

Dog owners Brandon and Aimie Terry from York County, knew their dog Snowy was pregnant, but they never expected this because Great Dane litters are usually about eight puppies.

Brandon Terry said, “We had made an appointment to take her into the vet, and they did an X-ray, and found out there were 15 spines in the X-ray.”

The puppies were born early as Brandon Terry was doing yard work when he heard a noise. At first he thought it was a kitten’s mewing but when he looked around he found the first puppy. Six more puppies followed at the house, before the mom was taken to the animal hospital.

“It’s a shocker, but I’m glad that they’re all here,” Brandon Terry said.

The puppies have now opened their eyes, “Right now they’re into exploring and playing with each other,” says Aimie Terry.

The record for number of puppies in a litter is 24, born in 2004 to a Neapolitan mastiff in Cambridgeshire, England, according to the Guinness World Records.




Bronson the dog

Dog Owners Charged

A puppy has been left with a permanently bent leg after its negligent owners failed to proved proper care after it was hit by a CAR, a court heard.

The dog named Bronson, a Lurcher, was left with a broken leg when he was hit by a vehicle while chasing a cat outside his home.

After the accident owners Anthony Rickatson, 22, and Donna Krager, 32, covered the broken leg with a bandage, never taking him to a vet.

Several weeks after the was accidentally, Bronson was dropped as he was being handed over a fence by Krager’s children.

Falling to the ground, he landed on his broken leg which left it dislocated and at 45 degree’s.

It was after this that the owners took Bronson to a third party who had agreed to take it to the PDSA to get free treatment because they were on benefits, but this never happened.

RSPCA inspector Helen Scott responded to an address where Bronson had been staying for five days.

After a vet examined the dog he said the owners should have realised Bronson would have been in sever pain.

Prosecutor Judith Curry said, “It was apparent that this dog’s leg was broken.”

Bronson the dog
“The leg was bent at the joint and was at a 45 degree angle from its body.

“He is with new owners now and has had a number of operations on his leg.”

Krager and Rickatson admitted to the court that they had caused unnecessary suffering to Bronson between April 9 and July 9, under Section 4 of the Animal Welfare Act.

The two have been disqualified from keeping animals for the next five years and with no appeal of the ban for four years, because of this they will lose the family cat.

Sunderland magistrates heard Bronson that a car went over his right shoulder after he chased the family cat out of the home, in XX, in April.

The pregnant mum-of-four Krager and Rickatson had not considered taking him to a vet.

When the RSPCA contacted Krager and Rickatson they signed the puppy over to the charity.

Mr Sword mitigating for the couple said they had not taken Bronson to the vet as they were waiting for their benefit payments, which were not due for another week.

He said to the court; “A reasonable person would have said ‘this dog needs treatment right away’.”

“The couple are both very upset and devastated about what has happened. They are very happy to see from the other set of photos that the dog has made a recovery.”

The couple were given a six-month community service order with supervision and must pay a total of $1000 in fines.
Dennis the Cross Eyed Dog

Meet Denis the Cross-eyed Collie

This three-year-old Collie lives at a Dogs Trust rescue center in Kenilworth, Warwickshire and is having a hard time finding a new home because of his cross-eyes.

Dennis was given to shelter over a month ago after his owner were no longer able to care for him.

Born with cross-eyes, a condition called strabismus, which means that his eyes are not correctly aligned.

Even with this affliction, staff say he has relatively good eyesight but people are put off because of his eyes so he has been able to find a home.

Jane Hirons, who works at the center, said, “We take in hundreds of dogs of all shapes and sizes but I have never seen anything quite like Dennis.”
Denis dog
“Some people will overlook dogs that have a slight health problem or appear different, and even with his striking good looks and fun personality Dennis has been passed by.

“Dennis may not be winning any frisbee catching competitions any time soon but he is a super dog who will make a fantastic pet in the right home so we have everything crossed he will find it soon.”

Staff said that Dennis’s condition is not degenerative and does not cause him any problems.

“He has a cheeky character, he is affectionate, fun loving boy who adores his caregivers and loves to be with other dogs.”

“This energetic boy is looking for an active family, could live with children as young as six and must be rehomed with another dog.”

Paula Boyden, Dogs Trust veterinary director, added, “We rarely see a dog at our rehoming centres with this condition and Dennis is definitely the only cross-eyed Collie I have come across.”

“Fortunately, Dennis is a happy dog and his new owner will not need to treat him differently from a fully sighted dog, though they do need to consider he may find it slightly harder to focus which can make it more difficult for him to catch a ball.”




Yuri with owners Mia Johnson and her daughter

Pitbull kills Assistance Dog

Yuri was a miniature pinscher assistance dog who aided a woman with autism, and was an important part of his Vancouver family.

Saturday afternoon his life came to a tragic end when the little dog was eviscerated by a pit bull in what Yuri’s owner said was an unprovoked attack.

Mia Johnson and her daughter Laurel were walking with Yuri along with a second dog when they encountered the pitbull being walked by a woman at 10th Avenue and Dunbar Street.

Johnson said, “The dog was straining on its leash and it went right for our dog.”

“I saw it had a muzzle on but everything happened so fast. The muzzle came off and it went after one of our dogs.”

The pitbull’s jaws locked onto Yuri, with nearby people coming to the little dogs aid, the hitting and poking the attacking dogs eyes but it wouldn’t let go.

Finally the bigger dog loosened its grip, leaving Yuri barely alive.

“My dog was disembowelled.” Mia Johnston said. “I picked him up and everything inside him was just in my hands.”

“My daughter was screaming. She was going after the lady with the pitbull calling her a murderer. Everything was just out of control.”

A witness was kind enough to drive Johnson and Yuri to the nearby vet, where it was determined there was no saving Yuri and he was put down.

“There was nothing you could do. There was more of him outside his body than there was in. He’s so small,” Johnson sobbed.

Johnson to was bitten on the hand and went to the hospital for a tetanus shot. The other dog’s owner was also bitten on the hand and face.

Johnson said about her daughter, “She just has so much trouble with anxiety that she couldn’t really do anything, and Yuri made her feel like there were two of her, and she wasn’t doing everything alone.”

Johnson says the dog also was a volunteer at a Vancouver palliative care center, who he could comfort patients on his weekly visits.

“He would get up on their laps and he would just sit there, and just be loving them, and sometimes he would lie on somebody’s bed next to their head if they were in their final stages. He was just a calm little dog.”

The City of Vancouver has said it has seized the pit bull and bylaw officers are investigating.




November 2014

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