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Oh Deer!


So Kashmir decided she was going to sneak out when the door was just about closed. She ran down the street where there’s a little park near a creek. After trying to get her to come to me, I see a deer run across the the way and I was just saying to myself, “please don’t let Kashmir be chasing that deer”. And sure enough she was in hot pursuit right behind. The deer changed course and was heading near my direction. Almost to tell me “get the dog off of me before I hoof smash her”. It got pretty close to me and so did Kash. I tried to stop her but had no luck. It finally got away and it took me a few more minutes to convince her that the deer was gone and while shaking the keys, she was going for a ride. The worst part was she definitely jumped in the creek, as she was drenched. Of course on the day after she just had a bath. And yes, I also was in the mud and sticks in my slacks and dress shoes. I still wouldn’t trade her for anything.

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Oh Deer!

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