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Pyrenean Shepherd


Pyrenean Shepherd

If you ever see a Pyrenean Shepherd run an agility course, you’ll be astonished by the enthusiasm and speed of this lean but muscular little herding dog. His movement is said to “shave the earth,” and indeed, it almost looks as if he’s flying.

To live with a Pyrenean Shepherd is to take on a highly energetic, intelligent, mischievous companion whose passion for you will be matched only by his desire to work. Be prepared to stimulate his mind and fulfill his need for activity with a challenging dog sport or some kind of flock that he can take charge of. Ever vigilant, he tends to be distrustful of strangers and makes an excellent watchdog. You should give your Pyr Shep plenty of socialization, beginning in early puppyhood, to ensure that his lively personality develops to its fullest potential.


  • Size

    Rough-faced Pyrenean Shepherd males stand 15.5 to 18.5 inches at the shoulder, smooth-faced males 15.5 to 21 inches. Rough-faced females are 15 to 18 inches tall, smooth-faced females 15.5 to 20.5 inches. In both varieties, the dog should carry a minimum of weight: just enough flesh to cover the bones. The typical weight range is 25 to 30 pounds.

  • Coat, Color and Grooming

    The Pyrenean Shepherd comes in two varieties, rough-faced and smooth-faced. Both varieties can be born in the same litter. Rough-faced Pyr Sheps have long or medium-length hair that’s flat or slightly wavy, with a harsh texture. The hair on the end of the muzzle and chin is naturally short, with longer, swept-back hair on the sides of the muzzle and cheeks, giving the dog a windblown look. The smooth-faced Pyr Shep has a face covered with short, fine hairs. On the sides of the head, the hair is somewhat longer, creating a modest ruff. The fine, soft hair on the body reaches a maximum length of two inches along the back and three inches for the ruff and culottes (the hair covering the rear end and back legs). This is a dog of many colors, and both varieties of Pyr Shep can be a shade of fawn that ranges from tan to copper, with or without a mixture of black hairs; various shades of gray; blue merle; brindle; black; and black with white markings over no more than 30 percent of the body.

Pyrenean Shepherd

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