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September 2014

dog language
dog escape thru window

This dog is an escape artist

Curious owners set up a camera by the window to try and solve the mystery of how there dog keeps escaping from their locked house.

And they caught their dog in the act on film. This clever canine wasn’t going to let a small thing like a closed window get him down.

Determined to escape, it’s first attempt fails, but that doesn’t deter this clever pooch.

Pawing and using the nose is successfull on the second attempt, with the video end as the dog leaps to freedom.

Sully the Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard welcomes owner home

Sully the St Bernard may be the cuddliest dog in the world as he pins his owner to the bed and won’t let him up.

This massive dog sure loves his dad, and enjoys his cuddle time.

With his massive head pressing down on the man’s face, the dog refuses to budge from his beloved owner.

This video was filmed by the man’s partner who can be heard giggling.

Instead of obeying his owner Sully starts licking his owner’s face, who can no longer contain his laughter.

“Sully, let me go,” the man pleads in a voice muffled by the big dogs weight.

The owner wrote on YouTube, ‘Sully is a little on the small side for a saint bernard and weighs about 160lbs – another saint bernard from his dad weighed 230 lbs! but they tend to range between 160-200lbs.”
Marnie the lopsided dog

Meet Marnie the lopsided Shih Tzu

This dog was once named ‘Stinky,’ when she was homeless and living on the streets of Connecticut, but when this lovable dog was adopted her life changed for the better.

“When it’s snowing, she puts her tongue back in!” Meet Marnie the lopsided Shih Tzu rescue dog that has 134,000 Instagram followers and has Miley Cyrus and Jonah Hill as her friends.
Riley and Nathan after jump

Dachshund goes Skydiving

Riley the dachshund amazed onlookers in San Francisco jumped from 13,000ft with his owner.

Riley is a 4 year old Dachshund and this was his first ever skydive with owner Nathan Batiste, 38.
Nathan, is a experienced jumper with 400 lifetime jumps, but this was his first ever with a dog.

Batiste said, “Our other dog would have hated it but I always had a gut-feeling that Riley would love it.”
Adding, “Riley is very calm and very trusting dog, when he’s with me.”

Nathan, and girlfriend, Amy Yopp, adopted Riley from a local shelter when he was just a pup, and would take him to the skydive drop zone for walks.

Riley would greet his owner after every landing and Nathan finally decided to take Riley so he could join in the experience.

Riley and Nathan in freefall

He said: “I’ve been skydiving since 2009 and when we adopted Riley from a shelter I decided to take him to the drop zone for walks.


Zeus the worlds tallest dog

World’s tallest dog dies

The world’s tallest dog named Zeus has died.

Standing 3ft 6in from paw to shoulder and an incredible 7ft 4in high when he stood on his back legs.

Passing just a few days before his 6 birthday this dog weight was 155lbs and ate a whopping 15lb of food a week.

His owners in Otsego, Michigan, US. said when Zeus would lay on the sofa, Denise and Kevin Doorlag, along with their son Nicholas had to sit elsewhere.

This Great Dane hit headlines worldwide when he was named the world’s tallest living dog in the 2012 Guinness World Records.

Zeus was so big, that children sometimes thought he was a horse.

Kevin Doorlag thinks he will miss most how happy Zeus made people when they met him.

“Those are some of the things I’ll never forget about him. He was definitely a great dog,” he said.
British Dog Shelter Torched

British Dog Shelter Torched

Tons of food, beds and blankets have been donated for the surviving aninmals of an arson attack that tore through one of Britain’s largest dog homes killed 53 animals Wednesday night.

Aerial pictures show the extent of the damage caused after a 14yo boy allegedly set fire to Manchester Dogs’ Home.

Local Brits have given generously, with pet-lovers donating over £870,000 in the hours after the blaze.

Amid the yelping of panic stricken dogs, 30 firefighters battled the blaze, which started just after 7pm.

Some very brave animal-lovers ran into the burning building and managed to rescue at least 150 dogs and some 200 people gathered outside to help.

A 14-year-old schoolboy was arrested on suspicion of starting a fire and is in police custody.

Officials have confirmed today that 53 dogs have died in the fire.

Firefighters said 150 animals were saved. Each kennels has a capacity for up to 400 dogs.

Detective Inspector Neil Jones said at a press conference, “Last night a local neighbourhood officer was passing and saw a plume of smoke coming up from the dogs home and responded quickly, as did a vast number of the local community and the fire service.”

The Detective added, “The publics reaction immediately and overnight has been really, really overwhelming. We’re really, really grateful for the response that we’ve had.”

British Dog Shelter Donation site
Adding, “I’m treating it as an arson investigation at the moment based on the extent of the fire and the initial outpouring from the community and some of the information we’ve been provided with so far.”

He said the dog center is made up of a series of buildings, one of which had been completely destroyed by the fire.

Station Commander Paul Duggan, of the Greater Manchester Fire Service, said, “A number of the local people had made an attempt to try and rescue the dogs because, obviously, they could hear them in some distress.”

“So what firefighters were met with was a fire in a fairly large building with some measure of security, so we had to break into that. You’ve also then got a number of dogs that were agitated and, obviously, when a dog’s in pain it may bite you, so you’ve got that risk. And, also, you’ve got a number of members of the public doing a very charitable thing, trying to help the dogs, but obviously it’s a risk to them.”

Duggan added, “All-in-all a fairly complex and complicated and, also, harrowing incident.”

Jason Dyer, 41, along with his nephew, Dean Rostock, 25, climbed over the fence into the dogs’ home at the height of the fire, kicking in kennel doors to rescue about 20 dogs.

A petition has started online calling for the 2 men to receive an award for their bravery.

Jason Dyer said, “We initially ran into the bit that was on fire but we couldn’t get those dogs out. We went to the other kennels and began kicking out the doors. We just wanted to get them out.”

“This place is part of our childhoods. We both have dogs and love dogs, of course we are going to run in there. We just wanted to make sure as many as possible would be okay.”

So many people arrived to help that they caused a big traffic jam.

The Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue service has asked members of the public to stay away.

“Some members of public turning up at the dogs home trying to help,” he tweeted. “Please stay away while crews deal with incident.”

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said the force had been flooded with calls from animal-lovers offering homes to surviving dogs.

“We are having lots of offers of help from the public, which is really nice,” he said.

“At the moment we don’t know what help will be needed but it is great that so many people are coming forward.”
Great Dane eats 43 socks

Dog eats 43 socks!

A vet at the DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital in Portland, Oregon was surprised to find 43 socks in the stomach of a 3-year-old Great Dane after his family brought him in because he was vomiting and retching.

Initial abdominal x-rays showed a large quantity of material in the dog’s stomach, which required surgery to remove.

“It could be an anxiety thing,” said Dove Lewis surgeon Ashley Magee, saying that when dogs are left alone for long periods they often seek items of clothing that smell like their owners for comfort. “Dogs get nervous and it’s their natural instinct is to chew.”

The sock x-rays pictures were entered in the Veterinary Practice News’ annual They ate WHAT? radiography contest, and took second place and a $500 prize. The winnings will go to the Velvet Assistance Fund, which aids low-income families facing veterinary emergencies.

And the Great Dane? is doing fine after check-ups since the surgery, and was doing fine.


Dog Throws Tantrum at Dog Park

This husky really likes the dog park, but when he is told it’s time to go he refuses to leave.

This funny video was filmed in the USA, shows the dog enjoying his time at the park.

Josh Gottsegen, who captured the footage, said, “We caught this guy refusing to leave the dog park.”

“His owner said they visit the dog park every day and he throws a fit each time they leave.”

The subtitles added to the video add to the humor as the husky seems to demands to stay just a little bit longer.
Chica the spider dog

Chica the DogSpider lose in Poland

Chica the DogSpider is the idea of Polish prankster Sylwester Wardega, who dressed his dog in the spider costume before letting him lose in public.

This video has more than three million views on YouTube in just one day.

In the first clip, a man taking out his garbage runs for his life when Chica emerges from behind the door. and in the second clip, two girls run screaming from the ‘spider-dog’.

Later on in the video, a couple see a man wrapped up in a ‘spider web’ hanging from a tree in a local with the man slowly walking towards it, while his girlfriend stays behind.

His courage disappears when DogSpider emerges and chases him out of the park.

“This is funny as hell,” one YouTube viewer said. “I hope that the people pranked in this video will be whatever means find out that it isn’t real. I mean, I’d be SCARRED for LIFE.”

Wardega has done other prank videos, including a Spider Man; who catches rides on the back of trains and sprays a ‘web’ at people.

And there a even creepier ones like a Slender Man figure that lurks in parks.



September 2014

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