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Swedish Vallhund


Swedish Vallhund


Herding Size: Medium Origin: Sweden Colour: Steel grey, greyish-brown, greyish-yellow, reddish-yellow, reddish-brown Lifespan: 12 to 14 years

Swedish Vallhund is a watchful, alert, energetic, friendly, eager to please and courageous breed of dog.

Owner’s Guide

Swedish Vallhunds are strong, playful and vigorous. Bred to herd cattle, they have a tendency to nip at heels when excited, and need active, playful owners to channel their energy into more acceptable games.

Originally bred to herd and guard cattle and for vermin control on farms.


Special characteristics The Swedish Vallhund is playful and energetic.

Exercise requirements High. Needs to have its abundant energy channelled.

Attitude to

Owners: affectionate, independent Children: good, may nip heels in play Other pets: can be problematic Strangers: good if well socialized Unfamiliar dogs: can be problematic

Swedish Vallhund

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