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Abandoned Shar-Pei gets Facelift

Abandoned Shar-Pei gets Facelift

Abandoned Shar-Pei gets Facelift

Abandoned Shar-Pei gets Facelift

Abandoned Shar-Pei gets Facelift

The Shar-Pei was found abandoned and nearly blind because the natural skins fold had covered his eyes.

Rescued by a dog warden three weeks ago, the dog was taken to the Margaret Green Animal Rescue in Dorset, England.

Staff at the shelter realized that he would need surgery to correct the problem and started a fundraiser campaign to cover the cost of the needed operations.

The dog now named Benny got his first surgery last week and is recovering well ready for his second to fix his ears.

Hannah Dunn, from the Animal Rescue center, said, “When Benny was brought to us by the dog warden we had no way of knowing just how much he was suffering with various health conditions.”

“Benny’s problems meant that he was almost blind and his quality of life would be seriously compromised.”

“He had his first operation last Thursday which was a facelift and double entropion – removing the skin folded in on his eyes.”

Vet Cesar Sastre from Blandford’s Damory Vetscut removed the excess skin on his face and head at the animal shelter.

“After he has recovered from this major surgery, Benny will have a double ear operation and after this he may well need a third operation.”

“Not undertaking these operations is just not an option – without these procedures, Benny’s health and welfare would be seriously compromised.”Shar-Pei Benny facelift

“We want to thank everyone that donated from Benny, and all of us working to save his quality of life, from the bottom of our hearts.”

Benny is just 7 months old and the problem is well known with this breed and Ms Dunn added, “Benny is also suffering with a double entropion, a condition where his eyelids fold inwards causing irritation as his eyelashes rub against his eyes.”

“This is so severe in Benny’s case that one eye has developed a possible ulcer.”

Benny also has a problem with his ears are also affected and both are badly infected which has resulted in the narrowing of the both ear canals.

Ms Dunn went on to say, “Benny is an extremely friendly and cuddly dog but it is so difficult for us to watch him suffer.”

“In total he will need two or possibly three big operations the cost of which could exceed $2000.”

“No puppy deserves to feel as poorly as Benny, or to lose almost all their sight and hearing, and we were in a race against time to raise the funds for his operation.”







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