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Australian Terrier Dog

Australian Terrier Dog


Australian Terrier Dog

The “Aussie,” as it is affectionately known, is one of the smallest in the Terrier Group. The Australian Terrier is a sturdy, short-legged, little dog. It has a long head, with erect, V-shaped ears and dark brown eyes with a keen expression. The nose is black with an inverted V-shaped area above it. The teeth are good sized and should meet in a scissors bite. The body is a little longer than it is tall with a level topline. The chest is deep, set well under the body. The feet are small and catlike. Toes are arched and compact, nicely padded turning neither inward nor outward. The nails are black. When an Aussie puppy is a few days old the dewclaws are usually removed. The Australian Terrier has a weatherproof double coat that is about 2-3 inches (5-6.5 cm) long. Coat colors include blue and tan, solid sandy and solid red. Shades of blue include dark blue, steel-blue, dark gray-blue or silver-blue. In the silver-blues, each hair carries blue and silver alternating with the darker color at the tips. There is a topknot covering only the top of the skull, with a finer and softer texture than the rest of the coat.


Australian Terrier is a tough, cheeky little fellow with courage that reminds people of a much larger dog. It has boundless energy and is very loyal, showing great affection for its immediate family. Its extraordinary intelligence makes it a responsive and very protective companion. It is an alert, amusing and loveable little dog. Spirited, curious, and self-assured, it has very keen hearing and eyesight, making an excellent watchdog. It wants to please its master and is more easily obedience trained than most other terriers. This breed is not snappish. It likes to bark, and must be told after it first alerts you of something, enough is enough, no more barking. An Australian Terrier that is pack leader of its humans may snap at children. Children need to be taught how to be kind to the dog, but also how to be the dog’s leader. They are friendly with other dogs as well as other pets. However they may chase small animals outside the house and should be in a safe area at all times. Socialize this breed well. This is a good dog to travel with. The training of the Australian Terrier needs to be strict because this self-confident dog prefers to follow its own ideas, although it learns very quickly.

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