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Bearded Collie Dog

Bearded Collie Dog


Bearded Collie Dog

This long haired herding dog has had many names over the years including Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog, Loch Collie, Hairy Moued Collie and Highland Collie.  These days, more often than not, they are simply known as the ‘Beardie’.

Bearded Collie History

Bearded Collies are thought to originate from the early 1600′s as a herding breed.  The theory is that they are descended from herding dogs brought to the UK from Poland and Eastern Europe which were then bred with the local herding dogs.  They were bred purely for their functionality as working animals with little thought to how they looked, but over the years a beautiful long haired dog emerged with the stamina and working drive of the herding dogs of which shepherds required. It is widely agreed that the breed as it is known today began to take shape in the late 1800′s when a DJ Thompson Grey described them in a book, with the Bearded Collie Society of Scotland being formed in1 912.  Due to the intervention of World War I, interest in the Beardie declined, but in the 1930′s a lady called Mrs Cameron Miller increased the profile of the breed perhaps saving this beautiful dog from near extinction.

Bearded Collie Appearance

Average height to withers: Males and females between 20-22 inches, with males being slightly larger than females. Average weight: 18-27 kg for both males and females. As the name suggests, the body of the Bearded Collie is covered in long, weatherproof hair including its chin!  The Bearded Collie is a medium-sized, strong working – herding type dog with a long and lean, well proportioned body. The head is large, broad and flat with medium-sized ears hang close to the head which are, of course, covered with long hair. The eyes are wide set and are in tone with the coat colour but usually brown or darker.

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