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Boston Terrier Dog

Boston Terrier Dog


Boston Terrier Dog

  • Although everyone agrees that the Boston Terrier came into existence in the late 1800s in Boston, Massachusetts, there are varying stories about how the breed came to be.One story has it that coachmen of wealthy families developed the breed by crossing Bulldogs and the now extinct English White Terrier to create a new dog-fighting breed. Another account is that a Bostonian named Robert C. Hooper imported an Bulldog/English Terrier cross named Judge from England in 1865 because he reminded Hooper of a dog he’d had in his childhood. Yet another story is that Hooper purchased Judge from another Bostonian, William O’Brian, around 1870.
    While we may never know which story is true, the fact is that there was, indeed, a dog named Judge, and that from him, came the breed we know today as the Boston Terrier.

    According to The Complete Dog Book, Judge was “a well-built, high-stationed dog” weighing about 32 pounds. He was a dark brindle color with a white blaze on his face and a square, blocky head.

    Amazingly, Judge was bred only once. From a union with a 20-pound white dog named Burnett’s Gyp (or Kate) who belonged to Edward Burnett, of Southboro, Massachusetts, came one puppy, a male named Well’s Eph.

    By all accounts, Judge and Kate’s offspring wasn’t an attractive dog, but he had other characteristics that Hooper and his friends admired, so he was widely bred.

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