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Dobberman gives birth to MASSIVE litter

Dobberman gives birth to MASSIVE litter

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14 Doberman pups

Dobberman gives birth to MASSIVE litter

Zara Hayes paid $500 for this 2 year old Doberman who was thought to be pregnant, little did she know what was coming.

Zara runs the dog rescue center Yappy Ever After, placed the pregnant dog with foster parent Cat Davis, 33, in Cardiff, Wales.

After being examined by a vet she was expecting to see five or six puppies born, so you can imagine her surprise when 14 pups appeared!

The 14 puppies were all born coincidently on December 14th, and have now taken over their foster parents home and are eating about 11lbs of dog food a day.

Cat, who will keep new mum Keela, said: “They’ve taken over my house and my life. There isn’t much space not taken up by dogs.”

Adding, “But it’s all worth it to make sure they are safe. We have been lucky because people are donating food because they’re going through a bag a day.”

And the puppies have all been found homes with the new owner paying a £250 adoption fee, Cat telling us, “One is going to Germany while the others are off to families across Britain.”

And their new owners have already picked out names for the pups; Odin, Boudicca, Dylan, Kaiser, Stan, Shadow, Oscar, Boo, Kayla, Wilson, Patience, Blake, and two are named Zeus.

Zara, of Arnold, Nottingham, watched the birth live on a video link and said, “It was touch and go with the last one but they are all fighting fit now.”

The previous British record for a Doberman litter was 13 in 2013.




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