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Dog Bladder Problems

Dog Bladder Problems

Japanese Beagle Purin plays at being shy

Dog Bladder Problems

Bladder problems are a common health problem in dogs. The medical term for bladder trouble is cystitis, Greek for inflammation of the bladder. By any name, it causes discomfort and misery. People with cystitis describe a cramping, burning sensation when they attempt to void urine. Dogs with bladder trouble may display any or all of the following symptoms:

  • Straining to urinate
  • Urinating in frequent but small amounts
  • Blood tinged urine
  • Urine accidents in the house
  • Excessive licking at the genital area
  • Excessive water intake
  • No symptoms at all

It’s important to note that apart from these nagging symptoms, most dogs with cystitis don’t feel sick otherwise.


Practically anything that creates irritation or inflammation of the bladder wall can cause cystitis. Common factors, in order of prevalence, are:

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