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English Toy Spaniel Dog

English Toy Spaniel Dog


English Toy Spaniel Dog

  • Toy spaniels have existed for centuries and were favorites in royal courts. Mary, Queen of Scots, her grandson Charles I, and great-grandson Charles II were all avid fans of the small spaniels. In fact, their nickname, Charlie, comes from the two kings of that name. They are devoted unto death. Both Mary, Queen of Scots and Charles I were accompanied to their executions by their little spaniels.The toy spaniels of centuries past were slightly different from what we know today. They had a pointed muzzle, but crosses to such breeds as the Japanese Chin and Pug in the 18th and 19th centuries eventually resulted in dogs with the short muzzle and round apple head that are found in the breed today.

    By the end of the 19th century, the old-style toy spaniel with the more pointed muzzle had passed into history, but an American art lover named Roswell Eldridge offered a large monetary prize to the breeder who could reproduce them. King Charles Spaniel breeders took some of their long-nosed throwbacks and created what is now known as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a slightly larger cousin of the ET.

    You can see the differences between them if you look carefully. Charlies have a more pushed-in face, a domed head, and ears that are set below the top of the head. Cavaliers have a longer nose, a flat head, and ears that hang from higher on the head. Charlies have a docked tail, while Cavaliers have a long plumelike tail. They come in the same four colors, although the ET’s colors have the more the romantic designations of Prince Charles for the tricolor and King Charles for the black and tan.

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