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Hairless Khalas Dog

Hairless Khalas Dog


Hairless Khalas Dog

There are two types of Hairless Khalas: the Hairless Khala Medio (short legged, also called the pottery type) and the Hairless Khala Grande (long legged or sighthound type.) The Medio is a medium-sized hound, powerful yet graceful. The Grande gives the impression of a sighthound, well-coordinated and able to move with ease and agility. Color is immaterial, but most Khalas are a dark gray at maturity.


Loving and docile with family and friends, Hairless Khalas can be aloof, standoffish, even unfriendly with strangers, so socialize them well. They are tolerant and packish with household animals. Owners need to display gentle but firm authority over the dog. With the proper leadership they will accept other dogs. They tend to walk (or run away) from a serious confrontation, which is good since they don’t have hair and adult teeth are usually few and far between. When startled, they freeze…which is great for stacking in the show ring! This is a primitive breed; it needs very little in care BUT requires an owner with dog experience to understand it. Generally, because of the loss of protection provided by hair and good dentition, flight is preferable to fight. The Khala tends to identify very closely with others of its kind (most hairless dogs do) and is happiest when there are at least two of them in a home. Do not allow this dog to develop Small Dog Syndrome, human induced behaviors where the dog believes he is pack leader to humans. This can cause varying degrees of behavior issues.

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