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Irish Setter Dog

Irish Setter Dog


Irish Setter Dog

Originally developed as a bird dog, the Irish Setter retains the drive and energy of his forefathers. There’s nothing he enjoys more than doing new things and going new places, especially if they involve birds. Although he’s not seen as much in the field as some other sporting breeds, his hunting instinct is still strong. Once he’s trained on birds, he never needs a refresher course.

While the Irish Setter loves everyone, he’s not suited to every home. He’s brimming with energy and requires a minimum of an hour of exercise daily. A large fenced yard or acreage where he can run is important, as is an active family who will include him in everything they do. He can develop separation anxiety or become destructive if he’s left to his own devices.

Irish Setters come in two types: show and field dogs. Irish Setter show dogs are heavier and larger than field dogs, with a heavier, thicker coat. Both types meet the breed standard — a written description of how a breed should look and act. Regardless of size and coat, the Irish Setter should maintain his natural ability to be a gundog.

Beyond their talents in the field, Irish Setters excel at many other activities, including obedience, rally, tracking, and agility competition. With their wonderful temperaments, they make terrific therapy dogs and can be found visiting hospices, retirement homes, and children’s hospitals, spreading the gift of their warmth, humor, and love.

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