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Irish Water Spaniel Dog

Irish Water Spaniel Dog


Irish Water Spaniel Dog

The Irish Water Spaniel is often mistaken for a large brown poodle because of his distinctive top knot and the curly hair that covers his body. While back in the deeps of time a Poodle ancestor may be lurking in his family tree, the Irish Water Spaniel is most definitely not a Poodle. Rather, he might be described as what the standard Poodle once was: a versatile hunting, pointing, and retrieving dog. Not surprisingly, given his name, the Irish Water Spaniel is known for his strong swimming skills and excels at retrieving waterfowl as well as upland game such as quail, pheasant, and grouse.

Not content with his striking looks and hunting talents, he’s an entertainer as well. The IWS is known for his clownish behavior. He often makes a game out of a simple task and always seems to be having a wonderful time.

Irish Water Spaniels are highly intelligent, active, willing and energetic. The centuries of breeding that have contributed to their retrieving skills have also instilled in them a desire to please. This makes an Irish Water Spaniel relatively easy to train. That said, he has a mischievous streak that can cause him to be a challenge at times to deal with. The breed can do well in obedience work, but that mischievous, fun-loving personality may surface unexpectedly during competition and wreak havoc with your goals for that day.

The Irish Water Spaniel is a relatively quiet dog for the most part. He seems to reserve his barking for times when it’s necessary to warn his family. His alert and inquisitive temperament makes him an excellent watchdog. While he’s usually devoted to the entire family, he may choose a particular person as his favorite.

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