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Dog Owners warned about Alabama Rot

Dog Owners warned about Alabama Rot

Dog with Alabama Rot

Dog on leash

Dog Owners warned about Alabama Rot

English dog owners are being warned about the dangers of ‘Alabama Rot’ also known as CRGV.

Jon Beal’s beloved spaniel Bruno contracted Alabama rot, known as CRGV, and died about a week later, and now he wants to warn other dog owners of the danger.

Jon said, “When he became ill, it was both shocking and painful to see him reduced to such a weak animal. In losing Bruno we lost our best friend, and Monty, our other spaniel, grows old without his brother.”

The disease was first discovered in the USA in the late 1980s affecting many greyhounds, and causes ulcer like skin sores and or sudden kidney failure.

Oxford’s Vets4Pets is urging pet owners to take extra precautions when out walking their dogs this spring and summer to help prevent the spread of Alabama rot.

Jon said, “It began with a lesion to his paw, which he was seen for and blood works taken for more information.”

“In three days his condition worsened terribly at which point he was rushed into a specialist medical centre, Anderson Moores, and found to have developed renal failure.”

“This began on a Monday, and he’d died by Saturday.”

Jon went on to say, “We would take him for walks daily, often through woods, across beaches and through dunes.”

“When we went to see him at Anderson Moores Veterinarian, there was a chance he could make it, which I clung to.”

“Seeing him gaunt, weak and drugged, we honestly thought that a younger, more active dog could fight harder for longer.”

Dog with Alabama Rot

Dog with Alabama Rot

“However, the unknown illness had really attacked his system, and there was no more time to be bought.”

“Even lacking awareness and being quite vacant, he was still our Bruno, and that’s why we couldn’t watch him suffer and had to make the right decision.”

Dr. Huw Stacey, head of Vets4Pets, said, “The scary thing about this condition is we don’t know what’s causing it and why some dogs are being affected and some aren’t.”

“Mysterious and deadly would be the two words for it.”

Dr. Stacey explained it is a seasonal condition which strikes in the spring and summer and new cases are still being reported.

Vets4Pets said that the Alabama rot has spread to 16 counties in the UK and there have been around 50 confirmed cases since December 2013.

Dr Stacey added, “This is a concern we have been trying to educate people about. Our goal is to raise awareness of it.”

So far there have been 50 confirmed cases, Dr Stacey saying that there are a greater number of suspected cases and that no confirmed diagnosis getting made.

Vets4Pets has launched an interactive guide to provide dog owners with information on the disease, including confirmed locations and tips on how to reduce the risk of dogs becoming infected.




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