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Keeshond Dog

Keeshond Dog


Keeshond Dog

The Keeshond (pronounced KAYZ-hawnd) is a medium-sized dog with an impressive gray, black, and cream coat and a massive, plumed tail. He was known for years as the “Dutch Barge Dog” because of his role as companion and guardian on barges and small boats on Holland’s many canals and rivers.

While the Keeshond will issue a stern bark when someone approaches his property, he’s such a love that he’ll readily accept anyone his owner brings into the household. In truth, he isn’t a very effective guard dog.

The Keeshond is a fan of cool weather. He likes spending time outside when the weather is crisp. However, he isn’t a backyard dog; he’s too people-oriented for that. He needs to live inside with his family and participate in all their activities.

The Keeshond loves children and plays nicely with them (although, of course, adults should always supervise interactions between kids and any dog). The Keeshond also gets along well other dogs and pets if he is introduced to them at a young age.

Besides being an excellent family pet, today’s Keeshond can strut his stuff in the conformation ring, obedience ring, and rally competition. He’s also sure-footed, which makes him a great agility competitor.

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