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Kerry Blue Terrier Dog

Kerry Blue Terrier Dog


Kerry Blue Terrier Dog

This working-class dog is definitely all terrier: alert, resourceful, muscular, and always ready for action. His defining characteristic, however, is his coat: blue, with a gray tint (though it doesn’t start out that way). Puppies are often born black, transitioning through dark blue, brown, gray, and combinations of these colors until they reach a mature blue-gray color at about 18 months of age. His V-shaped ears, black nose, and the mop of hair that falls over his eyes further distinguish his look.

The Kerry Blue Terrier is typically good-natured with people of all ages, including children. He is an excellent family dog who enjoys participating in all family activities and he is happiest when he is with those he loves. He makes a good watchdog too, ready to warn his family of intruders or anything out of the ordinary. The Kerry Blue is not especially vocal, but when he barks, he sounds intimidating.

The Kerry Blue is not especially good-natured with other dogs. In fact, he is prone to dog aggression (fighting with other dogs), especially if he’s intact. Early Kerry Blue Terriers were even more aggressive than those found today. Conscientious breeders have worked hard to retain the liveliness of the breed while toning down their natural inclination to aggression.

Good breeding, combined with proper socialization (the process by which puppies or adults dogs learn how to be friendly and get along with other dogs and people) and training, helps prevent dog aggression, but watch out. This is not a dog to back down from a fight.

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