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Kokoni Dog

Kokoni Dog


Kokoni Dog

The Kokoni is a small dog with a body length that is longer than its height. The skull is moderately domed when viewed from the front or from the side. The snout is shorter than the length of the skull with a shallow stop. The skull is slightly wider from ear to ear than the length. The head is in proportion to the body. The medium sized nose is black with open nostrils. The head is triangular in shape with drop ears. The black lips are moderately fine and tight. The teeth meet in a scissors bite. The medium sized eyes are almond shaped with tight lids and dark brown irises. The triangular drop ears are moderate in size and set high above the imaginary line of the eyes. The neck is slightly arched with tight skin. The chest is wide and deep. The tail forms a semicircle carried over the back. The front legs are straight with small, round paws. It has short hair on the face and inner parts of the legs. The medium length coat can be straight or slightly wavy with longer fringes on the belly, ears, tail and the back of the legs. The undercoat is short and dense. All colors and combinations of colors are acceptable.


The Kokoni loves human interaction and is fearless despite its small size. The breed is lively, cheerful, smart and loyal. They are great companion dogs. Alert, it makes a good watchdog. The Kokoni is fast and lively. Be sure to provide the Kokoni with calm leadership to prevent small dog syndrome.

Height, Weight

Height:  Males 9 – 11 inches (24 – 28 cm) Females 9 – 11 inches (23 – 27 cm)  Weight:  9 – 18 pounds (4 – 8 kg)

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