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Leonberger Dog

Leonberger Dog


Leonberger Dog

The Leonberger is a very large, muscular working dog. The head is rectangular shaped and deeper than it is broad. Males’ heads are generally larger than females’ heads. The skull is somewhat domed. It has a black mask and a rather long muzzle. The black mask should not extend above the eyebrows; the mask can be up to the eyes or above the eyes, but never over the entire head. The large nose is always black with clearly outlined nostrils. The lips should be black, and are usually tight and dry. In males with a very majestic head, slightly loose flews and sometimes slightly open hooks of eyes are often found. Loose flews collect saliva, so some males might drool slightly. The teeth should meet in a scissors or level bite.

The medium-sized ears are triangular in shape, fleshy, hanging flat and close to the head. The tips of the ears are level with corners of the mouth. The neck is muscular and strong with no dewlap. The medium to long, water-resistant, double coat comes in lion-yellow, golden to red, red-brown, sand, cream, pale yellow and any combination of those colors, always with a black mask. All colors may have shorter, medium or long black tips on the outer coat. There may be a small stripe or white patch on the chest and some white hairs on the toes. There is always discussion about the amount of white allowed. FCI standard states “like the palm of a hand,” but it all depends on whose hand you are referring to. The Leonberger’s thick mane creates a lion-like look. The mane in males can take up to 4 years to develop; the mane in a female is less obvious than in a male. Rear dewclaws are sometimes removed. The front and rear legs are feathered. The bushy tail hangs straight down. The pads of the feet are black. They often have webbed feet.

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