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Norwegian Buhund Dog

Norwegian Buhund Dog


Norwegian Buhund Dog

The Norwegian Buhund hails from Norway, where he was responsible for herding livestock and guarding the farm. He has a trait that’s rare among the Spitz breeds: a desire to please. Add in his intelligence and independence, and you get a highly trainable and capable dog. He can handle jobs ranging from hearing dog, to police dog, to competitor in agility and obedience trials. His alert nature and tendency to bark make him a good watchdog, although he’s probably too friendly to pose any real threat.

This is an active — some say tireless — breed who needs a lot of vigorous exercise and playtime daily. He’s highly affectionate with his family, including the kids, and enjoys a cuddle on the couch as well as a romp in the park. Kind, consistent training is essential for this smart dog, as is family involvement. He won’t want to be left out of anything!

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