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Sussex Spaniel Dog

Sussex Spaniel Dog


Sussex Spaniel Dog

  • The Sussex Spaniel was developed at an estate called Rosehill in Sussex County, England, probably during the mid-nineteenth century. Two men are credited with shaping the Sussex Spaniel into the dog it is today.The first was Moses Woolland, who after obtaining his first Sussex Spaniels in 1882 went out and successfully bred both show and field lines. His dogs were not exactly like the Sussex of today, but they were very similar.

    The second is Campbell Newington, who began breeding in 1887. Newington’s dogs were also similar to the Sussex Spaniel as it is today, and together both men began breeding dogs that were consistent in type and quality. The first breed standard was written during this time.

    For a time, the breed thrived, but after Woolland’s death Newington was alone in his efforts to keep the Sussex Spaniel from becoming forgotten. In 1909, however, J. E. Kerr became interested in the breed and began producing litters of his own. Without the efforts of these two men, the Sussex Spaniel would have disappeared completely.

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