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Xoloitzcuintli Dog

Xoloitzcuintli Dog


Xoloitzcuintli Dog

Say his name like this: show-low-eats-queent-lee.” Or just call him the “show-low.” Whatever you call him, you’re sure to be intrigued by his unusual looks and restful but attentive personality.

At first glance — and sometimes second and third glance — the Xoloitzcuintli or Xolo does not have an attractive appearance. A wrinkled brow, squinty eyes, satellite-dish ears, a mohawk bisecting the top of the head, and a ratlike tail, not to mention the mostly hairless body, make the Xolo a dog that only his mother could love. Well, except for the people who prize the very differences that make him stand out from other dogs.

Take a closer look, however, and you will see a lean, sturdy, well-muscled dog, with a body that is slightly longer than it is tall. A wedge-shaped skull gradually tapers to the muzzle. The expression is that of a smart and lively dog whose brow wrinkles when his attention is focused on something. Almond-shaped eyes range in color from yellow to black. The big ears, carried erect, have an elegantly thin and delicate texture. Puppies may have a wrinkly body, but as they grow into their skin the body smooths out. The feet are webbed, and the tail is long and fine.

The Xolo has advantages that might be obscured by his unusual looks. He comes in three sizes — small, medium and large — and he has a calm personality and moderate exercise needs. This is a dog that won’t run you off your feet. The fact remains, however, that the Xolo is a primitive breed with the drive to chase other animals, including the neighbor’s cat, and an assertive and protective nature. In other words, he can be predatory, stubborn, and inclined to bite first, ask questions later if he thinks his person is in danger.

You might think that the Xolo’s bald body makes him hypoallergenic, but hairlessness alone doesn’t mean he won’t make you sniffle and sneeze. He might be less likely to affect people with allergies, but he still produces dander, saliva and urine, all of which carry allergens. Be sure you meet several Xolos to make sure you don’t react to them.

The Xolo is not an easy dog to rehome if you decide he’s not the right fit for you. Not everyone wants a dog with such unusual looks. But if you like the idea of having a living hotwater bottle with a reputation for a healing touch and the wherewithal to drive away evil spirits, the Xolo might be your dog.

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