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The Litter-Box-Cleaning-Crotchless Wonder


My name is Maggie, I’m a Cheagle (Chihuahua-Beagle Mix) and I am 8 months old. When my two moms and their roommate adopted me into their home when I was only 4 months old, I met their 3 cats, Mia, Patches, and Herp. I immediately fell in love with the little brown delicacies they left in their sand boxes. I always manage to fit my head in far enough to reach what I’m looking for. I later discovered my Mom’s undies in something she calls a clothes basket. It has these easy access holes all around it that are like panty dispensers. But I keep getting in trouble for eating my favorite snacks and they don’t understand why. Maybe if they tried it they would too understand. I don’t care how mad they get, I will never give up sneaking my favorite delicacies. Although nabbing a pair of undies may be hard now that my Moms have added a bag to the clothes basket and shut the bathroom door when they take a shower. Try as they might, I WILL FIND A WAY!

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The Litter-Box-Cleaning-Crotchless Wonder

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