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Toy Manchester Terrier Dog


Toy Manchester Terrier Dog

  • Many people think that Toy Manchester Terriers are small versions of Dobermans. Au contraire! Louis Doberman used Manchesters to breed the larger Doberman, and Miniature Pinscher experts say their breed has no shared heritage.Manchester Terriers are considered by many to be the oldest of all identifiable terrier breeds. They are mentioned in books dating back to the early 16th century.Manchester Terriers served an important function in England. In the early 1800s, sanitation was poor and rats were a health menace. Rat killing was a popular sport, and an enthusiast named John Hulme reportedly crossed a Whippet with a Black and Tan Terrier to produce a dog that would excel at it.

    Even after the sport was banned, the little Terriers had plenty of work to do in the country’s public inns, most of which were infested with rats. Inns often kept kennels of the terriers, and after closing for the night, workers would turn them loose in the dining halls to snatch the rats.

    The breed developed a reputation for having great spirit and determination when facing a foe, even ones twice their size. Billy, a Manchester from the 1820s, is still remembered for having killed 100 rats in only 12 minutes. The practice of ear cropping began to eliminate the risk of ears being torn in fights.

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Toy Manchester Terrier Dog

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