5 Things To Consider Before Adopting A Small Dog

Many families prefer smaller dogs, not just because they are adorable, but for many other important considerations as well. Some families just don’t have the space for a large dog, or they don’t want the additional expense of having to feed a large dog.

If you are considering adopting a small dog, you should contact a residential dog training expert first and familiarise yourself with the following factors:

5 Things To Consider Before Adopting A Small Dog 

Temperament- every dog breed behaves differently. Although behaviour depends significantly on the owner’s treatment, your dog has inherent, unique characteristics. Whether you want a small dog as a companion or as a guard dog, make sure that your dog has the right temperament. With proper training from a residential dog training expert, small dog are suitable for other pets and children.

Grooming- grooming requirements should affect your decision when choosing a small dog. Some breeds require daily brushing and others only need occasional coat grooming. All dogs need regular exercise to ensure good health, but some breeds are highly active and you need to allow them to exercise more regularly. If you don’t have a yard or sizable open space at home, then you should choose a breed with minimal exercise requirements. 

Shedding- long-haired dogs shed more. So, if shedding is a problem for you, choose short-haired small dogs. Shed long hairs are noticeable on clothing and floors. Not only that, short hair is less noticeable, breeds with short hair also shed hair less often.

Trainability- small dog breeds can be trained fairly easily and taught specific commands, although it takes longer to train some dogs. The point is, you need to spend enough time and devote efforts to train your dog. This is where a residential dog trainer Manchester can help. If you want to a dog that you can train quickly, then you should choose the right breed.

Health Issues- dog breeds have varying life expectancies, but all small dogs are susceptible to specific health problems. Health problems could be prevented or at least, delayed with proper care. However, some dogs require more care to maintain their good health.

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