Benefits of CBD for Pets

Many times pet owners fail to resolve health problems of their pet like cats with arthritis or nervousness of dogs for thunderstorms. In such a condition, they can use CBD as a new remedy instead of seeing their pet powerless and suffering from his problem. Some of their health problems can be solved by using CBD for pets. Before knowing more benefits of CBD for pets let us know what CBD is.      

What is CBD?     

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the natural chemicals derived from cannabis or marijuana plants. Though it is derived from marijuana or cannabis plants but your pet will not get high by using it for resolving his health problems. CBD is not a psychoactive compound like THC, which is psychoactive even for humans what to say of pets. Being non-psychoactive for humans and animals CBD is frequently used to get rid of various health problems. Even vets have realized the importance of CBD for pets since last few years.     

Health benefits of CBD for pets   

Reduce anxiety: Usually, dogs behave destructively, look extremely restless or bark excessively when you go out of your home because he suffers from the anxiety of separation from you. In such condition, CBD can help in relieving his anxiety and make him calm even when you are not at home. If your dog becomes anxious every time after seeing fireworks or thunderstorm even then CBD can reduce his anxiety due to noise.      

Treat epilepsy and seizures: 

Like humans, CBD can also be used for treating pets suffering from seizures and epilepsy. Though the seizures in animals can also be treated with various prescription medicines but they may not work effectively on their problem. They can be harmful to their liver.      

Relieve pains: 

Various types of pains including nervous pains and inflammation in animals can be treated well by using CBD. It can also help in reducing pain in the joints and mobility problem caused by arthritis.     

Help in reducing nausea and improving appetite: Pets do not feel high like humans after consuming marijuana.

 So CBD can be a good treatment for improving the appetite of your pet if he is not eating his food properly. It can also help in reducing the tendency of nausea and vomiting due to the use of some drugs or toxic substance.     

Fight cancer: 

Several studies have recently proved the anti-tumor effect of CBD. It can help in stopping the growth as well as increasing the death of cancerous cells by making them unable to produce energy.      

Thus, CBD is very useful for pets as it can help in resolving a number of their health problems. But to prove the effects of CBD for pets scientifically, the studies are still on. You cannot trust any company offering CBD based products for your pets. 

So before buying a CBD product for your pet you should spend some time to research for it. In most states, vets are not allowed to prescribe CBD products for pets as on federal level it is not legal to use CBD for pets.

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By Jessica

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