Do you have a French Bull Dog? Want to know why women really sleep better with dogs?

With his ears always alert, his athletic build, his intelligence, and his eyes always asking for affection, and attention make the friendly Frenchie dog the perfect companion. Always willing to spend good hours with his owner, and able to adapt to both the countryside, and the city, he has won many fans. In fact, the number of people who decide to add a French bulldog dog to the family is increasing.

Won sleep better with dogs – true or false?

Research by experts found that, for women, dogs are better bedmates than humans, or cats. The main objective of the study was to assess the impact that pets have on sleep quality. Dogs have the most human-like sleep patterns. While cats often get up during the night, dogs tend to stay in bed. This suggests that cats create more disturbances at night. So, in a nutshell, yes, women sleep better with dogs than humans, according to science. In addition, dog owners had more consistent sleeping, and waking times than those who owned cats

And, when compared to human partners, dogs also had an advantage. It is not uncommon for couples to go to bed, and wake up at very different times, which can certainly disturb sleep. Several studies showed that dogs adapt better to their owners. Finally, women who shared a bed with their dog, reported that they felt more comfortable, and safer. Pets always alert their owners against a possible invader, or other type of emergency. 

What are the nature, and lifestyle of the bull dog?

Behavior –Although some people consider the adult French bulldog to be aggressive, this puppy is very affectionate, sensitive, and kind. He is very calm with the elderly, and is very fond of children’s games.

Care –With short, shiny and soft hairs, its coat is uniform, and in some cases it may have a slightly reddish color. This short coat makes it easier for your humans to take care of their hygiene. With best French Bulldog Products you can take care of them in a better way.

Exercises – Although, they are quite playful and very active, bulldogs are not exactly exercise fans. For them, a simple walk, with a collar, is enough for the surroundings. Of course, whenever the weather collaborates.

Training – Frenchie can be quite stubborn, despite being affectionate towards their humans. So, if you are thinking of adopting an animal of this breed, know that the training needs to happen since your French bulldog is a puppy.

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