Fluffy French bulldog: Know your companion dog’s behavior

Fluffy Frenchies 101: Facts About Long-Haired French Bulldog

The French bulldog needs the owner to feel good. If you are considering adopting the breed, there are some very important points that need to be clear. Taking care of a dog, especially a French Bulldog , requires a lot of attention to points related to the animal’s health, well-being and, of course, obedience. In today’s text, we are going to understand a little more about the subject. Click here and get the best deal on Fluffy frenchies for sale.

Everything you need to know before adopting him

The French bulldog’s temperament asks the owner to pay attention to three important points in raising the animal: physical issues, obedience and destructiveness. First, you need to know that the animal requires a lot of care in order not to suffer physically. Each animal is unique and may behave differently from one another. The breeds, by themselves, will have similar characteristics, mainly related to physical and health issues. 

He is not an animal with such simple care. Nevertheless, it is far from a difficult animal to deal with. All you need to understand are some “key” points that will make the animal have quality of life. You should be careful not to force him to do exaggerated physical exercises. You can compromise his day-to-day obedience if there is no good dog training.

A lot of attention in this regard

If your goal is to have a companion for an existing dog in your house, maybe the French bulldog is not the option. After all, his temperament makes it difficult for him to get along with other animals. With this, he can easily become a problematic dog with a reduced quality of life. We recommend that, if you already have a French bulldog and want to have another, adopt one of a different sex. This helps in the adaptation and acceptance of both. Usually, dogs of the same sex end up fighting a lot with each other and fight for territory at any cost. 

Few barks during the day make him a calm animal

The temperament of the French bulldog has a very striking feature for any animal of the breed: the low level and volume of barking. Yes, if you are looking for a calm, quiet animal that does not exaggerate barking, maybe you have just found it. That is why he is also a recommended animal for an apartment. After all, he will hardly bother the neighbors with excessive barking and for any reason. 

French bulldog reacts to visitors 

All tutors who decide to adopt a new canine member for the family ask themselves this question: how will the animal react to strangers or visitors? Well, the French bulldog’s temperament is perhaps one of the calmest in this regard. After a few minutes, the French bulldog even starts wagging its tail for visitors. 

Is the French bulldog obedient to its owners?

Yes. The French bulldog’s temperament makes him obedient. However, it takes a lot of understanding and patience for him to assimilate what he can and what he cannot. He is a stubborn dog who will respect his owner as long as the owner gives him the time to condition himself.

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