Here are some examples of technology helping your pet dog

Why dogs and cats should be your next pet project

As is the case with small children, animals also need affection and to be closely watched by their owners, who must attend to their needs. Feeding at the right time, taking them to the vet and being aware of changes in behavior are some examples of basic dog care. Taking care of animals is a real responsibility, so the person who is willing to have one should keep that commitment in mind. In recent years, new equipment and devices have helped the owners in this task. Do you want to know how technology can help your dog?

I-calm Dog

A portable speaker is already something that many people use at house parties, barbecues and other social gatherings. What you may not know is that there is similar equipment for dogs, but with a different function: to calm them down. The equipment is ideal for dogs that are anxious away from their owners when they are away from home. 

Urine Detector

If you came home and felt that strong odor of urine, but you do not know where to find the focus, this utensil could be the solution to your problems. The ultraviolet ray allows finding traces, evidenced by the color change. Cheap and can be used with batteries, it is ideal for those who have puppies in the house.

Automatic Feeder

Are you worried about feeding your pet? An automatic feeder is the way out so he does not go hungry. The device helps maintain the animal’s feeding habit, and can be programmed to release the feed at the specified time. Similarly, there are automatic snack triggers, which release a small snack at times determined by the owner. 

Sprinkler drinking fountain

If you are worried that the water left in the bowl for your dog or cat will run out when you are outside, a sprinkler drinker can help. Connected to a hose, the drinking fountain is activated by the animal itself, releasing the water.

Dog Camera

Equipped with a camera, it allows the owner to monitor the dog’s behavior from a distance. It is also possible to interact with the animal with the device, talking to it through an app, and even rewarding it for good behavior. The product is also equipped with a stock for snacks, which can be released to the animal at the command of the application.

Whistle GPS

For those who have a dog that likes to walk in the neighborhood, or that exercises a lot in many environments, the Whistle GPS is a way to monitor its performance. Containing a tracker, which sends information in real time, the equipment can be attached to the animal’s collar. The device collects data on the animal’s activities, such as calories spent in the day, in addition to monitoring the dog’s behavior and even sleep. 

Automatic Ball Thrower

Dogs that need to exercise more regularly can benefit from this equipment. After setting the throw distance, the shooter shoots balls for the dog to catch. The device can be activated by the animal itself, which deposits the ball on top, so that the shooter shoots it again.

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