How to Select the Best Dog Bed

Dogs are very active animals who like to play, sniff and explore. However, it is also essential that they get enough sleep. Dog owners can help their dogs get the amount of rest they need by ensuring they have a comfortable and quiet place to sleep without being disturbed.

How to Select a Dog Bed

Many different kinds of dog beds are available. If you’ve ever watched your dog while he was sleeping you might have noticed that he sleeps in many positions; on his back, curled up, stretched out, and even on his belly with his legs stretched out in the opposite direction.

What Size of Dog Bed Should I Buy?

It is very important to ensure that your dog has the right size bed. It should be big enough for him to lie comfortably in all of his natural positions. There are some beds that may be large enough for your dog to curl up in but can he also stretch out his legs when he wants to?

What Kind of Dog Bed Should I Buy?

There are many different sizes and shapes of dog beds that are available. Oval or round beds that have a side are good for those times when your dog wants to curl up, while a luxury dog mats are great for lying flat. Every dog has its own preferences but it is always a good idea to give them a few options – that will help to ensure they are always comfortable.

Some shapes of dog bed, like ones with a side or box bed allow your dog to really get comfortable – they can help to keep your dog protected against draughts and keep him warm. There are other beds that might be better to use during the summer when your dog might want to stay cool.

What Type of Material Should My Dog Bed Be Made of?

Dog beds should have sufficient padding and be made out of comfortable material. You should also get one that is easy to wash.

If you want to have a dog bed to put in the garden, to go camping with or on another adventure, then it should be made out of a robust material. Water-resistant or waterproof beds are useful in helping to prevent them from becoming damp.

Where Should I Put My Dog’s Bed?

The bed should be placed in a draught-free and warm area. Also, give your dog options. One bed could be placed in a quiet area of your home where your dog can rest without any disturbances, and another one could be placed in a room where your family spends time, so that he can have company while sleeping or relaxing in a comfortable area.

Luxury Dog Beds for Dogs with Special Needs

When it comes to their beds, there are some dogs that might have specific needs:

  • Dogs who have joint problems, aches or pains as well as older dogs may benefit from having a memory foam or orthopedic bed that they can easily get in and out of.
  • If you have a nervous or shy dog they might benefit from having an ‘igloo’ kind of bed that allows them to hide away and be comfortable whenever they are feeling overwhelmed.
  • Do you have more than one dog? If so, you should have at least one bed for each dog to help avoid competition. If your dogs like to snuggle up together you should consider purchasing an extra dog bed that is big enough for them to share comfortably.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

No one likes to be disturbed and the same thing is true when a dog is trying to sleep. Make sure everyone in your family, including your children, understand that your dog should be left alone when he is in his bed. That is an essential aspect of keeping your dog happy and your children safe.

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