How To Toilet Train Your Cat eBook Review and Case Study

The following is a thorough review and case study of the Toilet Train Your Cat eBook.


Extensive research indicates that toilet training your cat as opposed to having your cat use a litter box is highly beneficial to the cat’s overall well-being leading to happier and healthier cats.

Additional research has shown that cats associate the smell of the litter box with danger and though using it are often fearful of the litter box causing them stress. Even further, the contents of the litter box including fragrances, deodorants, dyes and disinfectants can be harmful to your cat’s health and well being.

We selected six cats including two of each breed (one male, one female) of the more popular Maine Coon, Ragdoll, and Persian breed of cat and then applied the techniques found in the Toilet Train My Cat eBook.


We found the skills and tactics to be highly effective. Two cats were toilet trained within six days, 2 cats were toilet trained within 6 weeks, one cat was toilet trained within 4 months and though our study ended after six months, the last cat seems to be nearly completing the training.


The female cats were on the relatively quicker side of learning as opposed to the male counterparts. Two female cats (Maine Coon and Persian finished within six days). The third female finished the program with 6 weeks. As for the males, the Ragdoll was the last one who had yet to complete the program at the end of six months.


We highly recommend theToilet Train My Cat eBook. It is highly effective, efficient and successful. The book carefully walks you and your cat through the steps necessary to Toilet Train Your Cat and the company also throws in some great bonus gifts including a Cat’s Treats and a Cat’s Training Guide. For more information or to purchase your eBook go to Toilet Train My Cat eBook here..

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