How To Train Obedience in Dogs

Obedience in dogs is a technique that you must be consistent with.  Practice the following training techniques with your puppy every day.  Keep these sessions short or your puppy will see them as a game so keep them stimulated by changing what they are learning too.  Do each command for around five minutes each time and come back to it whenever you can.

Practice the commands in lots of different areas, such as the living room, garden, kitchen, even out on walks too.  This is so they get used to responding to you in all sorts of situations. You can use the click technique to help with other areas of your puppy training such as encouraging standing still for grooming and for getting them used to travelling in a car. 

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Your puppy will learn very quickly, and they respond to love and affection as well as rewarding them.  Obedience training will help build a bond and you will be rewarded by having a happy well trained dog.

As puppies grow so will their need to assert themselves.  Puppies often choose mealtimes as a battleground but to give in is a big mistake.  You need to know that your puppy knows that you will not respond to every demand.

Your puppy needs to know that people, especially smaller children can be unpredictable and to accept that their behaviour is not threatening towards them.  You can help by imitating a child’s behaviour. Step in front of their food bowl and drop in a treat. Gently bump into them which they are eating or roll toys nearby but drop a treat in their bowl to reward a calm behaviour.  If your puppy stops mid mouthful or growls at your stop and start again another time. According to Bob from Personal Protection Dogs “If this continues it is best to get professional advice from a certified dog trainer or veterinary behaviourist.”

Dogs learn by association so if your puppy does something good then make sure you reward them.  Then this good behaviour is likely to be repeated. It can be in the form of praise, food or both.

Your puppy needs to be taught what they can and cannot do.  Some harmless behaviours can be ignored but some potentially dangerous ones need to be handled immediately by interrupting the behaviour with a sharp no to get their attention and then make sure to reward them when they stop and pay attention to you.  Hitting or shouting will not help your puppy learn.

To help your dog know when barking is acceptable you simply need to teach when barking is allowed until they are told to stop.  Stop barking should be considered as a command for obedience rather than telling off.

If you comfort your puppy when they whine it can make things worse.  They will get into the habit of doing it to get your attention. You can help by not going to them when they whine.  Ignoring them and just rewarding the good behaviour and giving attention then will teach them that whimpering is not the way to earn your approval.

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