How to use Fly Screens to Keep Insects Out Of Your Home

Window fly screens are an excellent way to let in fresh air while effectively keeping out flying and crawling insects. They are surprisingly easy to use!

Choosing the Right Fly Screen for Your Space

Choosing the right fly screen depends on various factors, as fly screens vary in quality. Your aesthetic taste, the types of insects prevalent in your area, and the dimensions of your windows and doors are crucial elements to bear in mind.

Home Insect Screens

Custom-designed screens that blend in with your windows and doors help you make the most of your living space. These custom-fit screens not only keep insects out of your home but also provide good ventilation and comfort. Whether you prefer precision custom screens or our convenient do-it-yourself kits, these screens come pre-cut for easy assembly and installation.

Commercial Screens

Durable fly screens create a safe, welcoming, and insect-free environment in the noisy world of commercial kitchens, meeting the stringent requirements of the Food Standards Agency. These screens are crafted from fine mesh materials that allow fresh air to flow through while acting as an impenetrable barrier for unwanted bugs. A good option is bespoke, available as size-specific kits, or as part of a comprehensive design and installation service. Insect screens are available in a variety of colours and special configurations to ensure your commercial space remains functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Mesh Density Matters

When it comes to fly screens, the density of the mesh is a crucial factor. Opt for screens with a higher mesh count, as this prevents even the tiniest pests from making their way indoors. A mesh density of at least 16×16 is recommended for comprehensive insect protection.

Tailored to Fit

Ensure a snug fit by choosing fly screens that are custom-tailored for your windows and doors. Ill-fitting screens can leave gaps for bugs to slip through, defeating the purpose. Many companies offer made-to-measure options, providing a seamless and effective solution.

Consideration for All Seasons

Fly screens are not only for the warmer months. During cooler seasons, they serve as an excellent barrier against flies and other pests that seek refuge indoors. Opt for screens that are durable and can withstand various weather conditions to enjoy year-round protection.

Installing Fly Screens

Here is a basic guide to help you get started:

Check that you have a measuring tape, utility knife, and a steady hand on hand before you start. The key to a flawless installation is precise measurements. Measure your windows and doors carefully, allowing a slight overlap for a secure fit. Use a sharp utility knife to trim the screens to the desired size.

Most fly screens come with a frame that easily attaches to your windows or doors. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to secure the frame in place. Make sure it’s tightly fastened to prevent any gaps.

Once installed, double-check for any potential gaps or openings. A thorough inspection ensures that your fly screens are living up to their bug-barring potential.

With your fly screens in place, it’s time to reap the rewards of a bug-free living space. 

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