Perfect Birthday Gifts for Pet Owners

14 Best Gifts for Dogs and Dog Owners 2020 | Real SimpleShopping for birthday gifts can often be tricky. Those who have certain and easily identifiable interests can often be even harder to buy for because they are likely to already have all the items their hobby or interest requires. You may want to reconsider buying a book, for example, for a person who enjoys reading, since they may have read it before.


When it comes to pet owners, those who are crazy about their cats or horses, many can find themselves doubting what is appropriate for a gift. Thankfully, there are a number of great options out there and available for a variety of prices too. So, if you want to find the perfect gift to celebrate your friend’s animal interest, we have put together a list for your inspiration!


Customised Tag


For cats and dogs, a tag is essential. Even outside of the required chip implant, having an identity tag, one that contains their name and your contact information, is essential for their safety, especially if they might be prone to wandering.


Such a tag, however, doesn’t have to be purely practical. In fact, there are a number of artists who specialise in designing and creating pet tags around personal and local themes. These can make for exceedingly special gifts, celebrating styles and themes that matter to the owner, and helping their pet not only to be safe but to look great too.


Luxury Grooming


In the same way we pamper ourselves, occasionally indulging in beautification treatments and spa days, pets revel in all the same. Importantly, taking care of an animal’s fur, claws, or hooves, isn’t solely about looking and feeling good but it is also an essential part of their health too. Snagged nails and knotted fur can be extremely uncomfortable and even lead to physical ailments if neglected.


Luxurious care gifts, anything from high-quality horse grooming brushes to a doggy makeover, can be both the indulgence and care that a pet owner would truly appreciate.


Pet Portrait


Immortalising a pet in a painting or having a treasured photograph beautifully framed can be superbly meaningful to pet owners, allowing them to add a cherished portrait of their loved animal to their wall. Many artists now specialise in pet portraits, offering creative painting or even entire photoshoots as gifts for pet owners.


While these portraits can be incredibly touching, they can also be silly, allowing pets to show off their playful side, giving their owners a piece of art that celebrates the joy their pet brings.


Indulgent Dining


Pet-friendly cakes are very much a popular gift and the options for animal treats are now endless. Beyond standard pet store packets are now a range of forward-thinking pet brands and creators, seeking to create healthy and exciting pet foods. Since pet owners are constantly needing to buy food for their animals, treating them to a decadent snack or an animal-friendly meal, such as local and organic doggy treats, you will be giving them a gift that enables them to share in their pet’s joy.

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