Teach Your Dog 3 Easy Tricks

When teaching your dog how to do tricks you will need to have some treats ready to reward your dog, whenever he does something right. The best place to perform the training is in a quiet area with little or no distractions, you will also want to keep the training session to between 10 and 15 minutes. If you try to make the training session any longer than this, your dog will start to get bored. When performing the training it is important to remember that whenever he or she gets something right, you need to reward and praise your dog, do not over do this though because this can get the dog over excited.

Giving The Paw

This is an easy trick to get your dog to perform and with a little patience can be achieved very quickly. To start off get your dog to sit, once your dog is in the sitting position and concentrating on you, then give the command ‘Paw’. When you give this command, take your dogs paw up in your hand. Give your dog a treat and some praise. Repeat this process but gradually take longer to grab the dogs paw in your hand after you say the command. While you repeat this process you will notice your dog lifting his paw as soon as you say the word. After a few training sessions most dogs will pick this one up quite quickly.

The High Five

This trick builds upon the last one of teaching your dog to give you the paw. If you have not trained your dog to give you the paw, then it is best to teach that trick before attempting this one. Once again have some treats at the ready. Hold a treat in your hand and then raise your hand a little higher than you did in the previous trick. The reason for this is to get your dog to think that you are doing the paw trick, the dog will then raise his paw towards yours. When your dog does this, say the command ‘High Five’ then reward him or her with the treat. If you have the paw trick mastered with your dog then you will find this one very easy and it wont take very long for your dog to learn.

Jumping Through Hoops

While teaching this trick it is important not to hold the hoop at a level that will make it difficult for your dog to jump through. Get hold of a hoop and have your dog site on one side of the hoop. Take a treat in your other hand an position it the other side of the hoop, make sure your dog can see the treat. The aim here is to get your dog to go through the hoop rather than around it to get the treat. If your dog goes around the hoop rather than through it, do not reward him with the treat. Once your dog goes through the hoop give the command ‘hoopla’. Like we did in the previous tricks, repeat this process for 10 or 15 minutes. This is a little bit more difficult than the previous tricks and to make it easier you can start with the hoop resting on the ground before raising the height. Repeat this trick for a few training sessions and your dog will eventually get it.

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