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Many dog trainers are there and their main area of focus is on the dog training equipment. And, one such equipment about which you will read in this guide is a comfortable dog harness i.e., Ruffwear Front Range Harness. One of the most important things that you should know is that dogs should not wear the harness every day, but they should wear a comfortable harness which is required for visiting the vets, on walks, and others. Several reasons are there as to why many people love this ruff wear front range harness and so on. 

Fits and Adjusts Well – 

It is one of the best and the most easily adjustable and flexible dog harnesses that has several adjustment points. It is one of the keys for a well-fitting harness. There are so many different types of dog breeds which also comprises of mixed breed and also there are some dogs that have wide chest. So, it is very important to have an adjustable harness with wide straps. The harness that is mentioned above is not only adjustable but it consists of a large collar area. So, this harness is good and stops the harness from going up or stopping the dog’s airway. All the straps are easy to buckle and unbuckle, so there is no need to push the legs of the dogs into the harness. 

Extremely Comfortable – 

One of the things that make the harness very comfortable is the soft foam padding that comes around the shoulders and the chest area. And, the major areas where the pressure is applied are around the shoulders and chest area of the dog. So, this stops the chaffing, of the short-coated dogs with no hair or little hair. Besides that, with every adjustable strap, there is no rubbing or chaffing with dog pulls. 

No Restriction of Shoulder Movement – 

One of the things that you will know about the harness is that if you buy a poor-quality harness then it restricts the shoulder movements in the dogs. It mainly happens due to the straps that come behind the dog’s front legs. This kind of placement of the strap coupled with a strap wrapped around the front portion of the chest makes it difficult for a dog to completely extend them or stretch their forelimbs, whenever they are walking or running, or trotting. So, if you don’t want issues to occur later due to the restricted movements of the shoulder then don’t use a bad harness always choose Ruffwear Front Range Harness. This harness allows plethora of space between the dog’s forelimbs. So, they are able to use their full range of motion. 

Great for Pulling Dogs & Secure – 

With the ruff wear’s front range harness, you and your dog can get secure attachment in the front, security and comfort which prevents the dogs from pulling. Sometimes the dogs tend to do some ninja moves like flipping and twisting, so the harness is adjustable and fits snuggly. Besides that, make sure that your dog’s harness is adjusted rightly and is not loose, so that your dog does not escape. 

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